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Thank you for visiting our web site of Kyoto Tsukudani shop – Yayoi (hereinafter called “our company”). We would like to inform you of the following points so that you can use our company’s web site with a sense of security. When you use our web site, we understand you agreed with our privacy and security policy. This privacy and security policy will be renewed where necessary. In case you do not agree with this privacy and security policy, please refrain from using our web site.
    1.Registration and control of information

  • When you use our web site and online shop, the environmental information for usage such as IP addresses and cookie data of your using terminal are automatically acquired. In our online shop, customers are kindly requested to register personal information necessary for using “payment service” and “information provision service”. The registration of necessary personal information of customers is voluntary and we understand customers agreed with our privacy and security policy upon completing the registration, and we accumulate and control customers’ personal information such as usage data.
  • 2.Use of information

  • Any information of customers who use our web site and online shop will not be used for any third party other than our company. However, in case we are required for reference by appropriate procedure based on the law from official body or in case we need to protect our company’s rights and properties, we may disclose or use the information. The IP addresses and cookie data of our customers automatically collected at the time of their use of our web site and online shop and personal information to be registered and usage information to be accumulated according to the use of online shop will be used in order to improve payment service, information provision service and products & services provided by our company.
  • 3.Provision of information from our company

  • We deliver/send information of products, services and general information for which we consider as useful to the customers who registered personal information by e-mail or other communication methods. In case customers consider the delivery/sending from our company as unnecessary, they can stop the delivery/sending by changing the registered information by them. However, we may check information about ordered products regardless of instruction on delivery/sending of information.
    1.Protection of sent and received data

  • We employ SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the most reliable practical cryptographic communication technology on internet for the information security in our online shop. By this cryptographic communication technology, we encrypt personal information of customers and send/receive information from the terminals of customers to the servers of our online shop. Also, the servers we use on our web site and online shop is installed in a data center and the structure to protect data of customers from computer virus and unauthorized access has been built. Because of these, the possibility to acquire information by ill-intentioned third party will be extremely lowered and we believe customers can use our web site and online shop with a sense of security. For the detail on security by cryptographic communication technology, you can see it by clicking the logo mark of certificate authority in the shopping page of our company.
  • 2.Precaution in using web site and online shop

  • Though we are making our best effort to ensure security in our web site, we will not able to assume any obligation and responsibility for any damage including the following and we ask you to exercise extreme caution when using our web site
    ・Damage by alternation of web site
    ・Damage by unauthorized data access
    ・Damage by browsing e-mails or contents that were infected by computer virus
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