Kyoto Yayoi Chirimenjako Sansho

ちりめん山椒 京佃煮舗 やよい

Chirimen Sansho

What is Ojako?
Chirimenjako and Sansho
This is how Chirimen
Sansho is made.

Ojako of Yayoi is from the encounter of Chirimenjako
 (juvenile anchovy) and Sansho berry.This is how Chirimen Sansho is made.

Chirimenjako is domestically grown. Every day, we purchase Chirimenjako grown in Miyazaki and Tokushima prefecture and check its size, color, odor and flavor. We use good quality one only carefully selected by the shop owner. We use a soft one only of Sansho berry produced in Tanba area in Hyogo prefecture.

2.Sorting of Chirimenjako

Impurities such as other small fishes, shrimps and sea weeds are removed by hand work and Chirimenjako is carefully selected. Then, we weight the impurity-free Chirimenjako and pack it.


Japanese rice wine, sweet cooking rice wine, soy sauce and the family-secret sauce since the foundation are added in a pan and boiled.

After that, cleanly selected Chirimenjako and Sansho are put in the boiling pot. We adjust the flame to each specification of Chirimenjako and mixed them checking the condition. Yayoi’s Ojako is Chirimen Sansho in which original taste of Chirimen and Sansho’s flavor are harmonized, and its seasoning, fire power and quantity are the points. The three kinds of soy sauces are strong soy sauce with a rich flavor, low-salt soy sauce with a light taste and flavorful thin soy sauce suitable for fishes. Based on these three kinds of soy sauces, the family-secret sauce was created and it adds flavor to Chirimenjako. Using this seasoning, Chirimen Sansho boiled in a small pot on an open fire one by one which is a production method of Yayoi has the family-secret charms enhancing the taste of the materials.

Residual heat of dried Ojako

cooked Ojako in bamboo basket are removed by wind energy in a hygienic drying room and subsequently cooled to normal temperature by cooling machine. For finishing, drying work is done until Ojako becomes moist and dry condition that is a feature of Yayoi’s Ojako.

Measurement of Ojako

Ojako from drying room is packed by automatic weigh machine and checked by weight/metal checker. The product from the checker is visually confirmed and stored, and it is moved to packing room.


weighed Ojako is boxed and wrapped all by hand work before being delivered to you. All processes are by hand work. The size and color, etc. are sometimes changed slightly and it is truly a natural blessing. All of us will do our best to produce “Ojako” that will be accepted by you for a long time.