Kyoto Yayoi Chirimenjako Sansho

ちりめん山椒 京佃煮舗 やよい

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In Japan, we have four seasons and each season delivers breeze’s smell, colors and tastes to us. We receive natural blessings and are making efforts with our company’s unique belief of providing seasonal taste, color and shape valuing the materials, cooking technique and hospitality. Pleasure to be able to provide “Heart of palatabilit y and hospitality with respect of materials” by providing better services and creating products from production to sales based on pride and responsibility as the company leading the old capital Kyoto and tourist city Kyoto, and being happy for all of us with that belief – it is our Yayoi’s wishes.


The shop owner, Katsuji Nakanishi, was a former cook. He likes tasty foods and got into cooking world, and has been exercising his abilities as a cook or a chef at several shops with his belief of “I would like customers to eat tasty foods”. After that, he fell sick and what he began boiling despite his ill health with the thought that he can do with a pot  even at home is the beginning of “Ojako” (whitebaits boiled in soy sauce). From the nature of the locality, it was used as souvenirs by teahouses in Gion area and its popularity has gradually spread, and continued to do so until now. Based on the teaching of shop’s owner, “Materials are all for tasty foods”, we make “Ojako” by hand work with materials and cooking technique instead of mass production and it is an all-time Yayoi’s synonym

History of Yayoi goodwill